About Tick Tox

What is it?

Made in Australia, Tick Tox® is a small and smart aerosol product. Used as directed, Tick Tox® will kill an embedded tick instantly. It is designed to go with you into the bush, garden or park as it can easily fit into your pocket.  A must for your backpack and first aid kit.

How does it work?

Tick Tox® is really easy to use:



Tick Dies

Don’t just take our word for it

Even though we applied anti-tick chemicals to our dog, he did get a tick from the bush near Nowra. Luckily we found it and zapped it with Tick Tox. Killed it instantly. Much easier than holding him down and pulling out the tick. Fantastic product.
James and Cassie


“We love our south coast weekender. We’re aware of the dangers ticks pose and take precautions to avoid getting bitten. But Jack is a genuine “tick magnet” and often collects a tick bite. He’s very glad that we now have Tick Tox at hand to safely and instantly kill them. Sometimes we don’t discover the evil little beasts buried in him until we are home.  Now we keep a can of Tick Tox there too.”
Deborah and Jack


“I got bitten by a tick while playing golf in the Hunter Valley. I didn’t find it for a day but I was fortunately armed with Tick Tox. Snap froze the little monster. Dead! Brushed it out easily. At last – a perfect tick killing and removing solution.”

Newcastle, NSW